"I believe that at this point we're all amalgams of so many experiences, living close together in the modern world," Evans says. "To really find my own voice, I've found the best way forward is to throw myself at any style, especially if it is daunting."


This is the passionate approach that defines Morgan Y. Evans' outlook. As a Welsh and Estonian American with ministers in the family back to the 16th Century, it might seem odd that Evans became a discordian influenced media agitator mainly focused on heavy metal, indie rock, hardcore and rap music, but you gotta remember Christ hung with the junkies and prostitutes and kicked out the greedy. And on a heavy metal note, Evans is descended from John Milton, author of the ultimate Satan-centric long form poem Paradise Lost. He also has a deep compassion for different cultures and the nuances of spirituality as well as an appreciation for the gifts of science.


Now 37, Evans enjoys writing for @MetalRiot @NoiseMag @NewNoiseMags @kingston_times @spacelabmusic and Woodstock Magazine, among other outlets. He has interviewed people ranging from Moby to Blackalicious to Nachtmystium, Slayer, Daddy Issues and countless more. Past bylines include beloved punk magazine AMP Magazine, The Woodstock Times, Crusher Magazine.


As a former serious teenage heroin addict, Evans is unafraid to confront negativity and learn from it. "That includes my own mistakes", he opines. "You have to work through and face your hangups, walk those ego death hot coals and work for a higher purpose, be it self growth, feminism, renewal of kinetic social change or to purge old habits."


Morgan's 00's hard rock band DIVEST, a term which literally means to get rid of what you don't need (or to shed clothing, haha), worked with Dr. Know of Bad Brains and the Woodstock based Applehead Studios (Coheed and Cambria, Team Sleep) in 2003 on an album called GHOST TOWN RECKONING, somewhat of a lost gem but was full of the espoused ideas that self inventory, emotional raw honesty and a deep love for friends and others can intuitively guide us to creating new cultural Rennaisances of the soul or underground rock scenes or a more dynamic social media age, even when we are moving through the pains and baggage we can accrue in life. Just be real.