Singer &
Music Journalist


Morgan Y. Evans is a Hudson Valley, NY based singer and music journalist/author with a main focus on pro peace movement, PMA, mental health and addiction issues, human rights and politics as well as sex and gender issues. As a closeted bi-sex former teenage acid head growing up in early 90's Woodstock, NY he played a major role in booking DIY shows, promoting bands and bringing together people to create culture exchange. While it was louder than the 60's legacy of the area that Evans grew up in, his work with many bands in the Hudson Valley region for over 20 years has been more defined by grunge, post-hardcore or more extreme sounds, but also other sides like acoustic and electronic songs from time to time as well.




"I believe that at this point we're all amalgams of so many experiences, living close together in the modern world," Evans says. "To really find my own voice, I've found the best way forward is to throw myself at any style, especially if it is daunting."